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The group is one of the old and largest Publishing Houses in the country with several hundred books to it’s credit, many of which have had the distinctions of being recognized as the best with distinguished awards given by various bodies.

We are constantly looking for new ideas to make our books the best in the market place.We are planning to revise and update  several of our existing books and bring out new ones. Our ideal author would be who knows the subject very well and can present the subject in a way that the book would tingle the young mind’s imagination and arouse his intellectual side.

Our approach towards any subject is straight forward and simple which goes straight to the heart of the student.The result would be that the student has not just read the book, but also
is intelligently educated about the subject.

You can submit us your details which would help us in better understanding you, your achievements and the subject of the proposed book .

Please email us the following details at


  Full Name
  Proposed Title
  Mailing Address
  Pin Code
  Tel. no.
  Fax. no.
  Professional background (you may include a resume)
  Previous books written (if any)
  Briefly describe your book
  Key Highlights of book
  A Table of Contents
  A sample chapter that you have prepared
  The audience the book will cater to?
  Competing books (if any)
  How does your book stand out from existing books?
  Proposed writing schedule


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